If You Can't Be The Best, At Least Be Consistent | 006

We all want to be the best at what we do. Sometimes we're able to achieve that, but often times we see other people succeeding and excelling in their fields. 

A "note to self" and mantra that I keep saying to myself (especially since I am an aspiring content creator here and on my YouTube channel), while waiting to be the best - I need to be consistent.

The more consistent that we are, the more we are able to fine tune the necessary things that will take us to be the BEST.

What can we improve on?
What are we good at? What's our strength? 

Every step is part of the learning process. Open your heart to this path and eventually it'll get to us where we want to be!

PS: This post is inspired by own experience of attending my Evolvr class for the 8th time and uploading my second back-to-back VLOG! 

I hope to upload new vlogs every other day.