#150: finally 1000

I'll be honest - I got jealous when some vlogger friends reached 1000 subscribers and beyond in recent weeks. This was around the time when YouTube Partner Program announced some changes and we need to have at least 1000 subs to stay.

Although I had some slow but steady growth for my channel - some people just created content and whoooossshhhh - they got 1000!

I finally hit the target on Friday April 13th, 2018.

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! OMG, why did it take so long?

Don't you dare unsubscribe!! LOL!

Oh, and with that, YouTube is reviewing my Partner Program eligibility. Wish me luck!!! 

If you've somehow watch and come across my YouTube channel - THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you're a new reader and you're like what the hell is going on... please check out my YouTube channel and here's a snippet! 

This one is my fave VLOG - I love the editing and I love the yummy Indomie!!! 


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