#145: when taking your own sweet time is not good enough

In a way, changes to the YouTube Partner Program is a blessing in disguise.

Now I need to change the way I approach YouTube. I can't no longer take my own sweet time. I no longer have the luxury of spending a week or two to shoot for ONE vlog, and another few days to edit it.

I need to think of a video idea fast (something that is relevant and would attract the YouTube community to watch). I need to shoot, edit and upload it as soon as I could.


It may not be perfect, but it needs to be uploaded.

After all, I need 1000 subscribers by February 20 and the race is on.

My first vlog is up - a short video in under 3 minutes. It's slightly different than my usual "editing touch" (not that I have something "touch" but you get my point)

While you're at it, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel


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