#142: finding that purpose

One's purpose - or reason -  of doing something can range from just wanting to do it for money to something more significant like fulfilling a childhood dream.

Let me be honest here. My purpose for vlogging is just as much about making some money (which is very little still, btw), getting some validation (700+ subscribers now!!) and really... I want to learn news skills (still a videography and visual editing noob. Forgive me).

I uploaded a new vlog yesterday - Food Trucks at Tapak - whereby I tried 5 different stalls.

As I shared the teaser video on BFKL's Instagram - all 5 stalls messaged me thanking me about the humble coverage. Though it was a short video and each stalls had some snippets in the video - they were still happy and excited.

Some reposted the 60-second video to show their appreciation.

My YouTube channel is still so new that I doubt it will bring added business to them.

Then it occurred to me that THIS should be my vlogging purpose: to use the YouTube platform (or whatever video platform / social media platforms) for something good.

I'm still a rookie now but what IF (IF!!!!) I manage to grow this channel and help out these business in ways that I can. What if I can use my YouTube community and showcase the best of KL?

To strive for success is nice... but wouldn't it be nice if I can use it for something good as well.

I am now taking a mental note that I need to grow this channel, this community and eventually be an influential industry player so that I can help up and coming entrepreneurs!


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