#141: where it all started

I had an assignment at Bandar Sunway today. At the last minute, my cameraman wanted to meet at the location instead of going together in his car from the office. When he texted me, I was in the LRT as I decided not to drive. So I continued my journey to Sunway via the Komuter and BRT.

My first impression of Sunway: "Whoooaaaa.. this place has CHANGED a lot!! It's so clean and orgnaized now. When I was still studying, everything was still under construction.

My second thought: "This is place where it all started"

The place of my lectures, tutorials, assignments, exams... and just the beginning to my current career in the media industry.

Without this solid foundation, I may not be where I am today... and preparing myself to wherever my journey takes me in the future.

As I walked around the area, I took a time to be present and offer some gratitude.

Thank you Allah for this journey.

Thank you Mak for giving me an education.


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