#139: first post of 2018

January 1, 2018.

Wasn't so excited about it... because, well, let's just say... it's just like another day!! Maybe I'm more excited with the fact that it's my Off day and I get to wake up late (previous day I was on 4am shift). Being able to sleep in was just nice.

Nothing much happened today.

I had my fave breakfast at Dunkin Donut, had lunch at KLCC and dinner at Melawati Mall. As of now, I am editing my new Vlog (shot during my short staycation at Putrajaya. I am looking forward to upload that).

I am like squeezing in 5 minutes of blogging time so that I at least have a post on this day (Jan 1).

But please remind me to snap more photos... I forgot to snap photos for this blog.

Anyway... enough about me. How's your New Year's Day?


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