#138: new year's eve

I'm no longer excited about New Year's/New Year's Eve. Okay, maybe it's because I've been up since 3am something as I had to work today on early morning shift. It's an hour away before the clock strikes midnight and I am already feeling knackered. #gettingold

As I scroll through my Facebook feed and Instagram feed, I shall not do a detailed 2017 recap or upload a #2017bestnine just like my friends.

I won't be making some major New Year's resolutions like going to the gym (which I eventually won't), but I am just going to give it my all in my work, projects and whatever I am involved in.

Instead I want to live each day of 2018 to the fullest. I want to take the lessons and memories from 2017 and amplify that for the New Year.

If you're reading this... I wish you an awesome 2018.

I plan to blog more too for 2018. Oh shit, I should not be saying that because I might not do it.

Argh, shut up Syaf! Time to wait til midnight. Take care!


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