#131: tips for getting back to work after a (long!!) vacation

COMING SOON: Editing a vlog while on vacation

Hope this helps (it certainly did when I started work yesterday).

  1. Have a realistic to-do list that you want to get done on your first day (maybe start by checking work emails first)
  2. Talk to colleagues about what has been happening since you were gone
  3. Talk/message someone (I had a nice chat with my fave cousin after work. She said she'll experience the same thing if she's in my shoes. So you're not alone!
  4. Have lunch/dinner at a familiar place - so you could adjust back to your normal working environment
  5. Have a positive attitude about work - especially if you have a job that's not soooo bad, okay! #begrateful
Got something to add to the list? I'd love to hear from you. 


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