#130: back from a long holiday

The best part about taking a long holiday... is the LONG holiday!

The worse part? Going back to reality.

As I type this... I am back in this office (Saturday, I know. Noon shift. Oh dear!).

For the last week, I've been on a long staycation - checking in at two hotels for an upcoming vlog, sleeping, eating, swimming and resting all day long.

To be honest - I'm just so not ready to be back. Two days before the end of my Leave, I was already thinking about "reality" and the normal "routine". Just wish the holiday would be a little longer.

But then I realise, sooner or later I have to be back to reality. This is my sumber rezeki, and I should be grateful right? Without this, I can't have an exciting holiday.

So I am taking everything slowly for now. Going through my To-Do list slowly and just adjusting my mind to Work mode.

I'll keep this short... Will keep you guys posted!

Back to work!


It's 11.46pm. Got home around 10.30pm.

OKAY - the day wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be.

So glad I met a few colleagues and had Ramlee burger for dinner with them.
Got home and had a catch-up session via whatsapp with my cousin (at least I can share with her what I'm going through)
Bought some chocolates at Petronas and shared it with Mak.

Ready to sleep now and another working day awaits!


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