#129: i can't count

It's been a while.
Welcome back!!!

So... I wanted to produce a Listicle video  due to be uploaded to my YouTube channel in December (maybe mid-December).

I've done the filming in bits and pieces. Some are actually a full length vlog, which will eventually be part of the Listicle video.

The vision that I had is to feature 5 places... and for it to be short and snappy, I'll introduce the places by saying "Number 1"... "Number 2"... "Number 3... "Number 4... and "Number 5".

But apparently I can't count.

Here's what happened earlier.

I wanted to be productive and start the editing process. As I go through the list... I mentioned "Number 3" twice - at two separate places.

I was hoping I made a mistake and somewhere during the filming, I have either said "Number 2" or "Number 4" instead.

But no... I have 2 "Number 3" now.

You know what, I am going to just shoot this again... but please remind me that I have to say "Number 4".

So... once you see the vlog, I hope you'll remember this post!!

In the meantime check out the following vlogs:


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