#122: helping out a stranger

I was listening to my music in the MRT with my Sudio Sweden earphones (15% off when you check out with BESTKL code. Serious).

That’s not the point. Haha. Okay, as I was enjoying my music, this lady waved at me.
“Ini pergi Ara Damansara ke?”

I am not that familiar with the MRT stations except for Merdeka, Bukit Bintang and Pasar Seni.
As I glanced at the screen I immediately said “Ya kot.... train ni lah...”.

But of course the map had no mention of Ara Damansara. Just Mutiara Damansara and Kota Damansara.

She continued, “Saya nak ke Subang Airport!”

Oooo. It hit me that she wants to go to to the KJ Line Ara Damansara.

“Kena naik KJ Line,” I told her, while thinking that she is not a KLite.

“KJ Line pulak? Boleh tunjuk saya,” she asked.

“Ikut saya. Saya memang nak tukar ke KJ Line kat Pasar Seni,” I replied.

It was the most awkward 5 minutes walking from the Pasar Seni MRT to LRT but I just asked her where she’s from.

“Alor Setar!! Tadi dah sampai Masjid Jamek. Ada yang suruh naik MRT ni....”.

We arrived at the Pasar Seni KJ Line platform and went on our separate ways. She was heading to Ara Damansara; I was heading home.

It was kinda nice to help and chat with a stranger. Not the scary stranger. But a nice lady puzzled with the city’s train system.


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