#119: letting go and trusting the universe

Mere minutes after uploading this, I thought it was a bad idea. Turns out, the views within 48 hours was more than the total videos of this video achieved in a week.

During the pre-production and editing process, I try my best to give my 100%. Even if it's not my 100%, I give it my all based on the time constraints and skills that I have. *I am still learning, guys*

Here's the thing about YouTube, or any creative projects - I have no control of the outcome once I press the Upload button.

If it works, yay... Alhamdulillah.
If it doesn't, take it as experience.

This video received over 50,000 views within a year, and this video which I thought will do well only received less then 150 views. I am ok with that.

I used to be so attached to my the videos. I want each one to succeed, but I can't control how my viewers will consume the videos.

I always remind myself to let go of any major expectation and let the universe does its magic.


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