#116: no more self pity, please!

As I type this, I have just completed editing a VLOG which is to be uploaded later in the day. (It's just past midnight now)

As a rookie in this YouTube / vlogging scene, I get mixed feelings about uploading new videos. At one spectrum, I feel like so happy to be putting the visuals, music, effects together to create - which I hope - a nice vlog.

At the other side, I feel like no one is gonna watch it anyway, why bother?

As I notice myself feeling that way... I refrain myself from going to a self pity mode.

No... I may not have the numbers now, but I am learning so so so so much from this journey. My aim is for every single vlog to show some improvement. To experiment with how I shoot and edit videos.

For example, for this upcoming vlog, I played around with the masking feature. It's a simple feature but I feel a sense of accomplishment for doing this.

I need to pay my dues. I need to upload more videos. I need to keep improving. I can't be focusing on other stuff at this point of my journey.


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