#112: how i really feel about this passion project

Whenever I am in the LRT or doing my random walkabout, I seem to have the perfect blog title and content. The words seem to just string together perfectly in my head. And then when I head home, open my laptop, my fingers seem to freeze while my eyes just stare at the screen. This blogger screen.

I can't seem to find that perfect title and content.

But here's what I want to convey in this post. After writing this blog post, I can't seem to find the motivation to vlog. It's sad, considering that a week ago or so I was so excited to find my mojo back. I guess that's how life works. There are days when you're so passionate to do something, and there are days that are just like... blergh... *insert rolling eyes emoticon here*

I seem to feel the latter a lot though.

Ok, here's the lowdown. My 2 Ipoh vlogs and the Vasa Bla have not garnered the amount of views that I was hoping for. And I am not hoping for a lot. Maybe like more then 100 views in a week. So far one vlog have received over 100 in 2 weeks, and 2 other vlogs have yet to reach 100. After putting in the effort to shoot and edit the vlogs... no one really bothers to watch.

So when I was time to edit the Indobowl Vlog. I was like... "Mehhhh, I am going to give myself a break. No one watches it!!!"

After uploading a Vlog on Monday, I would usually edit the new vlog on Tuesday onwards.

That didn't happen last week. I did a rough edit on Tuesday... but it was only on Friday where I really start to edit again. By that time, I was like "Why didn't I do this sooner."

Some may think that it's easy to vlog, but it takes A LOT of time.

As I put the visuals together, played along with some editing styles (like zoom in, zoom out), I felt like I found my passion again. It was... kinda... fun... to  EDIT!! During the hours of editing, I put aside the pressure of how many views with this video gain.

Instead I focus on the creative process and how much I genuinely enjoyed the hours of putting this 4 minute vlog together... and maybe at this stage, I should not put so much pressure on the outcome.

As I upload the view last night (scheduled for this morning), I am happy with the outcome. This may be one of my favourite vlogs to edit.

Check it out.


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