#101: 4 ways to be more productive

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Putting some thoughts on how we can be more productive - be it in pursuing our career, business or passion project. Nothing cutting-edge here, you may have seen a similar list before, but here's my take.

1. Set a realistic goal

We are more inclined to do something if we have a clear goal, a possible a higher purpose too. I am always motivated to do something if I know it's for a special cause or mission.

2. Have a system that works

Let me tell you that I'm a huge procrastinator. With that said, now that I am talking my YouTube endeavour slightly more seriously, I now have a calendar on what I want to shoot. My calendar is stored on Google Drive and I have a white board to remind me of what I need to do.

What works for you? Go get a notebook, white board or Post-It Notes and remind yourself what needs to get done.

Give yourself some to-do list and deadlines.

3. Stop chasing perfection

Forgive yourself if whatever you have to do is not going to perfect. Stop chasing perfection, because it'll be a hindrance for you to even start something.

4. Keep going

Last but not least - keep going. Don't give up. Put in the effort and just show up!


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