#100: ten lessons i learned from my return to blogging

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First of all - I can't believe I've reached post #100. *pats self on the back*

Secondly - I kinda love blogging and to make this 100th slightly more meaningful as compared to my previous posts, here are 10 lessons I learned from my return to blogging.

  1. I have to stay true to my passion, which is writing. 
  2. I no longer want to pressure myself about pageviews numbers and stats. 
  3. With that said, it's also not about scoring collaboration with brands and advertisers.
  4. I write for me... or at least there's an archive for my future self to reflect on.
  5. Starting each post with a number is a great motivational boost. Let's aim for #200 now. 
  6. I want to use this platform to inspire.
  7. I want to use this platform to entertain.
  8. If I have made my small circle of readers smile or think about life different, that I have something right.
  9. If not, I have to try harder.
  10. I just want to remain consistent and keep writing. Which brings back to point #5. 
Anyway, if you're reading this... wow, thank you so much! I appreciate the support. I wonder what the future holds as I aim for next 100 posts. 

Take care! 


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