#92: never say no to mak

For the past 12 hours, my drink of choice had been Teh O, no sugar.

On Friday, I was down with diarrhoea. By 6am, the toilet was my go-to place.

I had a meeting on Friday evening, and I am thankful my stomach played nice with me, with no toilet breaks in between my journey from home to the office.

A lot has been planned for this weekend. Open houses, video shoot for upcoming vlogs, go to my fave Nasi Lemak stall.... ok, so maybe a lot has not been planned. Haha!

I felt sluggish by dinner time on Friday. *Argh, this is definitely fever*

"There's no way I could drive Mak to the Open House in Putrajaya on Saturday," I told myself, shivering and covered with a blanket.

I could not sleep properly in the beginning. Woke up, switch on the TV in hoping that I could eventually fall asleep... nope, didn't work.

By 4am, I was already feeling tired and noticed the dreamland taking over. I woke up feeling fresh!

*Fever? What fever?*

Had brunch with Mak and was strong enough to drive to Putrajaya.

I could make away with my Nasi Lemak mall meal and my BFKL vlog shoot... but I can't say 'No' to Mak. No matter what, driving to Putrajaya was a must! Since I enjoyed my Rumah Terbuka meal, obviously my stomach is A-alright now!

How's your weekend, folks?


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