#89: "the kajang move"

We did the most random thing today! We hop on the MRT (it was open to the public at 4pm today) and we went to Kajang.

It may just be a train ride across the city but the excitement today was different.

The shutters at the Muzium Negara MRT station (KL Sentral) opened at 4pm sharp much to the delight of the commuters. There were cheers and claps just before we went down the escalator to the main station.

Mak made some new friends as she chat with some Uncles and Aunties.

As for me, I spam Best Food KL with my IG Stories. (There's still time to watch it, Go... Go!!!)

We arrived at the Kajang Stadium in hoping we could get a taste of the famous satay.

Sadly it was closed.


We took a 30 minute or so train ride, only for this place to be like, "We know the MRT is opening today... but we're closed!!"

*Calm down*

We took the train back to KL, stopped at the Bukit Bintang station and had early dinner at Pavilion. We then head back to Muzium Negara station before taking the KJ Line home.

All in all, a great random day with Mak.

She's tired and fast asleep now... even though it's only 9.30 as I type this. But it seems I am knackered too, so I'll be sleeping soon!


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