#86: shitty (literally!) off day

A few years back, off day during a weekday means sleeping in. Now, I just want to be as productive as I can. Thus one of the reasons why I take on the Best Food KL and Best KL projects - which I shoot and edit during my off days.

"I wanted to jog in the morning," I told Mak, last night. *She roller her eyes, thinking I'll wake up late*

This morning, I woke up extra early, wore my fave Uniqlo jogger pants and my one and only running shoes.

Oh I didn't shower...

Anyway... I took the LRT to Keramat. I arrived there feeling excited and all. I jog for one round around the lake before I decided to play with the kittens.

I saw the outdoor gym and decided to give it a try. Then I was like "Hurmm... why is this place smelling like cat's poo. Euuuww."

I decided to go home.

As I entered the LRT, I noticed that cat poo smell.

"I didn't shower this morning YET, so could I be. Could this be my BO???"

I smell my arms and stuff... ok jer *chewah... defensive*

I looked at my shoes...and there it was... CAT'S SHIT. It was like diarrhoea - I kid you not. And it got on my jogger pants and a bit on my socks too.


So I had some major clean up to do this morning.


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