#82: cupcakes galore

I've been Fluff-ed, or at least getting some sweet treats from this place. Famous in their homeland of Singapore, this cupcakes cafe has finally opened their KL branch in TTDI.

Do watch the video. More details in the caption, and how I feel about it (since I didn't say much in the Vlog!)

I hope you'll like this Syaf's Food Diary concept, where I just shoot random (food) stuff - so it's quick, snappy and I don't have to pretend that I am shooting a corporate video, because that's how I feel about some of the earlier vlog. It has this corporate video feel. i do not mind doing that, but then I am not paid by the establishments to do so. So I just shoot what I feel like shooting lah kan? Whatever it is, I am still experimenting so thank you for being part of the journey.

Speaking of journey, I have another vlog that I'll upload soon. This one for #SYAF31.


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