#76: last few days


I can't believe it's the last few days of Ramadan. The end of Ramadan marks the beginning of another celebration... and loads of Rumah Terbuka and yummy food!

I'll be on duty during the first day of Raya but I'll be back in the scene from the second day of Raya onwards.

Looking forward to meeting my cousins and trying out the food!

Didn't do much shopping for this year except that I bought Kurta for the first and second day of Raya.

Didn't really want to buy a Baju Melayu because Mak knows me well and will say, "Ala, beli untuk Hari Raya pertama pastu kau dah buka baju Melayu tu!"

And since I'll be at the office, decided not to buy a Baju Melayu too.


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