#75: 500 subscribers

BFKL has finally reached another milestone... 500 subscribers!

A few months back, I did a post on reaching 100 subscribers

The feeling of reaching 500 is the same when I reached 100. A little bit of excitement, whilst knowing that the work is far from over. There are more videos that I need to produce to even reach a higher level.

One thing that I can't believe is that it took me more than a year to reach 100, and it took me 4 months to add another 400 subscribers. Just shows that I need to keep producing more videos, right? 

After Ramadan/Raya, I'll be on a roll to produce more videos for BFKL. With that, I do not think I can (or want) to continue with #SYAF31, my daily vlogging project

I just think I need to concentrate on one platform and capitalise on that. Plus, I feel that this daily vlogging thing is just about ME, ME, ME. I prefer to do this daily vlogging if I have something meaningful to share. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy watching those daily vloggers on YouTube and I do not see anything wrong with that. It's just that my life is not as interesting as theirs. hahaha. Plus I think BFKL is like following my journey too, with a foodie twist. 


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