#74: raya cards

Six friends will be getting a Raya card from me!! At least those are the six that gave me their mailing address.

I have decided to send out Raya cards again to a small group of good friends. The majority of these peeps are those who were readers from my first blog called Curious Syaf or when I first started using Twitter back in 2009. So it's like friends from "back in the days".

I remember doing this like back in University. We would send each other Raya cards, filled with positive and sweet messages. It may be cheesy but it's a nice validation and to know your good friends cherish you.

Over the past few years, I've been truly guilty for not sending out Raya cards anymore. Despite still receiving Raya cards from friends, I've not been a good friend to reciprocate it. #whatabadfriend #sigh

There's WhatsApp. There's Social Media but I guess it's just so "mass" that there's no personal touch.

Anyway, current good friends do not need Raya cards from me kan? Hehe...

After I left the post office just now, I was thinking of designing my own cards for next year and then buy a sticker paper so I can print the addresses instead of writing 'em by hand *sakit tangan*



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