#71: this is embarassing!

It was close to buka puasa time. I was tired, sluggish... and let's admit it... a little hungry (especially after a quick trip to the Ramadan Bazaar).

So I was making a quick turn, when the car in front of me suddenly made an emergency brake, leaving me with enough time to slow down and immediately drive to the next lane. As I was in a bad mood and all, I gave the driver a loud honk.

"This is what you get for making that emergency brake. Serves you right," my inner demon said. #yikes

My mum who was seated at the passenger's seat gave a quick glimpse.

"Driver perempuan... dia lambai...!"

As I drove ahead, I noticed the car followed me.

This is getting awkward.

As I stopped at my condo's security... the car was behind.

Hurmm, do I know this person?

OMG! The person actually lives in the same condo, and parks in the same floor as me.



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