#70: don't mess with my gadgets

This has got to be one of my favourites online purchases. It's a microphone for my iPhone, which I use for my TV segment as well as some vlogs. It's a good microphone and it captures our voice clearly, giving our videos a sharp and crisp sound.

And it comes with a nice pouch so I was like... "This is so legit... I'm so gonna vlog with these cool stuff". LOL.

I used this microphone for my Insta Story last Saturday and just yesterday (Wednesday), I wonder where this microphone is - since it has been out of my sight for a few days.

I searched for it EVERYWHERE - in the car - under the driver and passenger's seat. At home - in the living room, dining room, my room, inside my pant's pocket. NO SIGHT OF THIS.

I was in a bad mood for quite some time because I just love this microphone and it's my fave as compared to my other microphones (but don't tell them, they're special too). Plus it was purchased via Amazon.com, paid US$70 plus and waited patiently for a few days for this.

This morning as I went to work I told myself, "This microphone is not meant to be in my possession for long. Just use my old microphone, it's just as good."

I decided to just... LET GO....

LET.... GO...





As soon as I got home, I went to do another round of search. I even went to the car and search for it again.

NO sight of it. Sigh.

*Ok time for me to let go of this. It's JUST a microphone*

So I went to my bazaar, put stuff on the table and within a split second, I saw a black box under my mum's decor item.

Waittttttt. Could it be???


IT IS!!!!!



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