#60: where is subway?

I was walking along some street in KL (introvert's walk! haha) when two ladies - I assume they were from Europe - approached me.

"Where is subway," she asked.

I immediately thought of the nearby Subway, just a few hundred meters away. *Ahhh easy, I thought to myself*

"Okay, you just turn left. After Starbucks is Subway," I told her with my hand gesture point to the left.

*Good job, Syaf. You helped someone today*

As I walked away from the two tourists, with maps in their hands and all, I was like.... WAIT... HOLD ON A MINUTE!!!

I don't think they want to go to Subway... Subway, the sandwich Subway.

I think they're looking for this kind of Subway....

The LRT!!!

Cuz you know, some countries call it the Subway... the Tube... or ya know?

So I immediately ran - not in their direction, but the opposite way - just to hide my face somewhere, so they'll never see me again.

OMG! I'm such a bad stranger.


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