#55: best banana cake

Don't you hate it when people share photos of homemade desserts on social media and when you ask for some, they'll say, "Oh... all gone!"

My office best friend is one of those person! *bahahaha... sorry TK!*

After ranting about it for a few months or so,  she bought a few slices of her Banana Cake for me to try.

Her cake is slightly different than the ones that you can get in the market. Her's is nice and moist because of the caramel (I think it's the caramel).

"How's it," she asked.
"11 stars out of 10," I quickly replied.
"You're just saying that because you're a friend."
"Okay... 10.5"
"Ok...10.1... anything above 10!"
"I like that!"

After that she took the tupperware away from me and said, "Aku pun nak sikit lah!". OMG!! LOL!!

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