#54: rm3 bus ride

On days that I take the LRT to work, I usually walk back home in the evening. But then I recently discovered that there's actually a bus that would take me to another entrance into my condo.

"Ok, taking the bus today," I told myself a few days back.

So I did but of course I do not know the payment system for the bus. Do we need the RapidKL card, can we use our Touch 'n Go... can we just pay we cash.

With my TnG card in one hand, I tap the reader.

"Please try again," it reads.

I was just ready to turn back before I embarrass myself even more.

"Letak jauh sikit," he said.

Oh ok! LOL!


I took the bus again recently - for the second time.

This time I was already a pro.

Tap the TnG card jauh sikit! #pro #fliphair

But as I was making an exit, it could not read my card.

"Please try again," it reads.

After three attempts and some passengers behind me, I decided to just leave the bus without tapping out.

I soon realise it had deducted RM3 from my card.

Oh, it happened again the following day... so a total of RM6 was deducted for two consecutive days.

My first impression was like, "Oh maybe with TnG, it's a flat rate of RM3."

Being the always positive me, it hit me that maybe due to the economy and stuff, the have increased the bus fare.

"But weird, my trip to Masjid Jamek LRT is only RM2.40... but it's RM3 for a bus ride home? I can't take the bus lah!"


So a few days back, I decided to just pay with cash.

So here's the actual amount!

RM1 jerrrr


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