#44: KL car free morning

Mak wanted to bet if I could wake up early today (Sunday) to attend the KL Car Free Morning.

I've been wanting to take part but last year I used to work on Sundays if I'm on shift. Even if I get Sundays off, I would typically sleep in.

Now that I have my weekends back, I thought of making the effort to attend the KL Car Free Morning. I missed a few events as I didn't check the calendar properly. So when I saw that it's happening this morning (Feb 5), I told Mak I wanted to go.

"Let's bet if you're gonna wake up early!"

At around 6am this morning, she saw me still asleep and she purposely didn't wanna wake me up, so she could win the bet. Little did she know, after pressing the snooze button (twice!!) I was finally wide awake.

I took the LRT to Masjid Jamek and walked to Dataran Merdeka. I wanted to cycle but since I arrived at around 7.45am I was ready for the possibility that there were no more bikes to rent.

To my surprise, there were several bicycles and thank God the guy who attended to me was so nice, he made sure that the seat was at the right height for me.

Once I got hold of it, I immediately aimed to go to KLCC so I cycled from Jalan Raja Laut and head to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, made a turn at Jalan Dang Wangi before entering Jalan Ampang. Made an exit to Jalan Tun Ismail before turning right to Jalan P.Ramlee.... and there it was KLCC!!

It felt to surreal to be cycling around KL major's roads. I wanted to take a lot of videos and even vlog... but I decided to just leave the cameras in the bag and just enjoy the morning breeze. It was all about enjoying the moment... the present moment.

I also felt productive to be waking up as early as 6.45 (my aim was 6.15.... hahaha!).

I am definitely going to be part of the the next event.

I even joked to Mak: "Mak, nak beli basikal sendiri lah...tak payah sewa!"

Her reply, "Sekali dua... lepas tu kau campak basikal tu."

Ok, she knows me well enough.


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