#53: youtube for beginners: expectation vs. reality

So you want to broadcast yourself on YouTube? In 2015, I started a YouTube account for my food blog (which I had since 2013, unofficially since 2009). Here's my own expectation versus reality take on this video-sharing platform.

Expectation: I'm gonna upload a video and it will go viral
Reality: Errr... 20 views ONLY? 

Expectation: I need a DSLR, a microphone like a boom mic. Oh, add a tripod, lighting and extra lens to the list. 
Reality: While it's true that those equipment can help create better visuals, starting with an Iphone is good enough - especially when you're still new. My Penang videos were all shot via iPhone 6s. 

Expectation: Any title will do
Reality: CLICKBAIT!!! Although I hate this, but it's true - people would wanna watch videos with super catch title

Expectation: Any video thumbnails will do
Reality: Again, people want something more dramatic.... then they'll click and watch

Expectation: I'm gonna get 1,000 subscribers just like that *snap fingers
Reality: No. When you're new, no one is going to care about you *facepalm 

Expecation: I wanna be famous, fast.
Reality: No, you have to earn that right, by uploading awesome content. 


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