#51: macam syok sendiri je

Immediately after I posted my latest VLOG - I asked myself: "Am I too full of myself? Is it like a syok sendiri thing?"

And the most important question: What will people think?

As an introvert, I just cringe after looking at myself on the video. There's this fine line - a part of me wants to put myself out there in the realm of YouTube, and there's a part of me that seek a private refuge - away from the world.

But YouTube is the IN thing. I salute all these vloggers that showcase themselves. And I know YouTube has open bigger doors for them.

After reflecting on all this... I want my videos which I will produce in the future to answer this ultimate question: What will my viewers learn from my videos? 

Will it make them go to a certain restaurant and try their food? Will it make them wake up early in the morning and be part of KL Car Free Morning?

Now...I'm no influencer... but if my videos are informative, as much as they are entertaining... I know I'm on the right track.

I'm still new guyssss... and still experimenting.


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