#50: new vlog

OMG. I've reached post #50 - which I was supposed to do by end of 2016. It's almost the end of February now. Oh well. I NEED TO PUSH MYSELF HARDER TO BLOG...

...and also VLOG.

I really want to be open about my journey on YouTube because at least I can document what I've learned, how I feel about YouTube (I WANT MY 10,000 SUBS) and if I will continue doing it until the year end (well, my aim is to do 40 videos for Best Food KL by the end of 2017).


I went to the KL Car Free Morning again like I said I would 2 weeks ago when I first attended it. This time I purchased a new strap for my GoPro so that I was able to capture some visuals. The original wrist/arm mount cost below RM300, but I went to Lazada and purchased it for like RM40 or something. *I just knew that I would be using it like once or twice... might as well save up and use a cheaper product*

Thank god I did that... cuz you know what... the visuals were just shaky as I made my way through the city centre on a bicycle.

I wanted to edit the visuals later, but decided to just spend the rest of the morning editing a simple video. So here goes...



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