#41: meeting chef wan

I was at PWTC earlier today as there was an exhibition on financial management (or something like that!) and on the way to the hall, we saw Chef Wan at the side of the stage - but it was a separate event with a different organiser. So after going through the exhibition I suggested to Mak we go watch Chef Wan's cooking demo. So we did.

You know, Chef Wan is as witty and fun on TV as he is in real life. While doing the preparations and cooking, he'll tell some jokes and he keeps the audience laughing and having a good time.

Chef Wan shifted the conversation about happiness - and what makes him happy.

"Choose to be happy first. So many us want to work hard, be successful and then they only want to be happy.

"That's not how I define happiness. I wake up in the morning - I choose to be happy. I am happy I am still breathing and for the little things. The happier I am, the more I can do in terms of my projects.

"It takes little to be happy," said Chef Wan.

Chef Wan - you've turned your cooking demo into a motivational talk. I am going thru something right now and those are the exact words that I need to hear right now.

Thank you Chef Wan! I am so glad I stayed until the end to hear this bit about happiness.


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