#39: youtube

As much as I love developing the Best Food KL YouTube page... I'm thinking of doing another channel for non-food stuff. I've been watching A LOT of YouTubers, vloggers or whatever you call these people and I am thinking of doing something like that?

Why? Here's the main reason.

Doing a food vlog is harder because I have to be there, take out my camera and speak in public. Plus... I'm shy, an introvert... and IT'S HARD!!! I've had to cancel some recordings because I was jsut too shy due to the crowd. But as I look back at some of my past vlogs, I am like, did I just do that at... Ben's? Dome? Nasi Lemak Saleh?? Like did I just take out my camera and speak in public.

The other vlog will just be me in my room and talking about an issue. So... it's easier. I don't have to go anywhere else. I can just write a script and just record it from the comfort of my room.

I wanted to keep this lil project to myself... but then I realise I need to share it here too. Maybe you can give your suggestions too?



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