#37: back to work

For most of you, Tuesday is your back to work day. For me I started work on Monday - after five days off. So you can just imagine that blues I was going through!


Anyway, before I forget, I just want to share that I had the best holiday week ever. I stayed in KL, but it was still meaningful because I did a lot of stuff.

Here's a summary.

  • Met TK and her daughter Swetha
  • Completed a new vlog for Best Food KL (on Nasi Lemak!!) 
  • Went to Pavilion with my Ustaz's family. I even when on the Swarovski ride in the middle of Pavilion *I had to take care of his kids, k?* 
  • Went to the new Pelita on Jalan Ampang, formerly Zouk
  • Went to Mitsui Outlet
  • Tried Bingsoo for the very first time at Avenue K
  • Went to KLCC to celebrate New Year's Eve, even though I went back before the fireworks cuz it was just too crowded
  • Had Nasi Lemak Paru from my favorite stall - TWICE! 
  • Tried Costa for the first time
Well, basically that's what I did during my off. Simple but still meaningful. 

On Monday, I had a hard time to adjust to the working mode but I'm glad I have fun colleagues around. We even went to Pavilion for a short dinner. That was fun!

Ok, ok... enjoy your Tuesday aite!!!!


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