#33: new vlog

Remember I told you guys I was working on a new vlog? Well I kinda procrastinated (for at least two weeks, or is it 3?).

Since I'm on leave this week, I decided to just do the final touch-ups and just get done with it.

So here is a brand new vlog from Best Food KL!

I'm still a rookie in this vlogging / YouTube scene... so do let me know what kind if videos you want me to produce? Do you want me to visit a particular neighbourhood? A certain cafe? Lemme knowwww!!! I want to produce more videos in 2017!

Note to self: The more videos I produce, the more I know what to do. Right now I seem to just be doing random stuff!! Plus, I want to improve how I interact with the camera (aka talking to you!) and my camera angles and visual editing skills!


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