#30: melaka trip

I just came back from a short Melaka trip with my Mak, Bro and SIL. It was our first trip together - the four of us.

Funny - I went to Melaka in September and again in November. So yeah, another Melaka trip to end the year.

Some quick info about our trip.


Hatten Hotel has been my hotel of choice because I love the location. It's near Dataran Pahlawan and Jonker Walk. It's also near Mahkota Parade so it's kinda convenient having a supermarket nearby, just in case we need some snacks to munch in the room.

During this trip, we stayed at the PINES Hotel, which is located along the river. You can't exactly walk to Jonker Street, but you can book GRAB and pay RM4.

There's a Chinese food court nearby and there's also a Gerai opposite it. This gerai serves THE best Roti John I have ever had. They deep fried the bread so that it's nice and crunchy.

The room is nice and spacious, with a nice view overlooking the river and Melaka town. The swimming pool is located on the 8th floor.


During this trip, we had our meals at the following places:

  • Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball, Taman Melaka Raya. We went to this place just before dinner time so we didn't have to queue! 
  • Hajah Rahmah Asam Pedas, Bukit Katil. Their specialty is, what else, Asam Pedas of course but I was still looking for my chicken dish (and luckily they have ayam masak merah). Sorry - but I don't eat fish! haha!
  • Original Coconut Milk Shake, Klebang. Had the coconut shake and nasi lemak here! The coconut shake is good, but then again it seems like I was drinking melted vanilla ice-cream!  
  • Jonker 88, Jonker Walk. Had Laksa, Pasembor and Cendol at Jonker 88. 
  • Seri Erra Roti John, Jalan Bunga Raya. Please, please, please... if you're ever around this area, do try their Roti John. It's so different than the ones that you get here in Kuala Lumpur (or maybe I have not explored KL hard enough...) 
That pretty much sums up by trip to Melaka - and my Christmas holiday. Back to work tomorrow (Monday). 

I need another vacation!!!! Maybe Ipoh next?! 

Damn. I don't see myself reaching post #50 by December 31, unless I can come out with 20 posts or so in just a few days.


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