#28: i met vivy yusof

It felt so surreal meeting Vivy Yusof. I've been following her blog since 2013, as recommended by my cousin. Her warm personality and funny stories got me hooked right from the beginning. What I like about her blog (and something that I can't emulate) is the fact that she is so candid with what is happening in her life - and that itself gives a reason why we should follow her blog for updates. There's consistency.

How she built her Fashion Valet empire is just so inspiring. From having three co-founders running to the show six years ago to what it is now - with more than 100 staff; offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Jakarta; and having two boutiques in Kuala Lumpur and one in Singapore.

Just. wow.

On Thursday, my colleagues from went to the Fashion Valet office to meet Vivy to film a segment we're doing for the bulletin.

How's she in person? I can tell you that she is super friendly and she is just as funny like on her blog posts and Instagram hashtags. Oh, and there's Iman too - her PA. Both make a great team (at least through my observation).

After the interview, we all took turns to take photos with Vivy.

When it was my turn Vivy said: "Yang ni tak boleh pegang-pegang, peluk-peluk. Kena Halal."


I'll keep you guys posted on the segment once it's on-air!



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