#24: my first weekend

I am getting more and more comfortable sharing random stuff from my life. We're at #24 today.

As I am typing this post, it's Saturday 6pm. It's my first REAL weekend.

You see, for the past four years plus (almost five), I've been working shift hours. That means sometimes I have to work on Saturday and Sunday. There are days when I come in early in the morning, and there are days (mostly), I go to work at 3pm and go home by midnight.

My "weekend" would mean getting off from any days from the week. For example, it could be Monday and Tuesday for one week, and the following week it could be Tuesday and Wednesday.

I am not even complaining about that arrangement, because I've gotten used to it. As long as I get my off days, I am happy - you get what I mean?

So now... I am part of a new team, which means I work 3pm shifts, from Monday to Friday. Which means, I get Saturday and Sunday OFF.


With that, it also means I have to attend family/friends weddings, without getting away with the excuse "Oh hari ini kerja!!".

So yeah, I am about to head out to a wedding soon.

Ohhhh... now I will experience a real MONDAY BLUES... and the joy of #TGIF!!

How's your weekend, folks? I hope you have some weddings to attend too! Haha!


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