#20: super duper best friend's birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kenneth Chong - my super duper best friend of two decades!

I wanted to say more than 10 years, but I stand corrected - we've known each other for 20 years now!!!

A best friend deserves a lengthy post, so read on if you have the time! :D

Ken has known me since I was like this awkward 11-year-old with not many friends in school... to my late teens/early twenties as a University student with this braces on (hahaha!).

He has seen the good side and the bad side of me (sorry for throwing the ping pong bat at you!)... and just allowing me to bully him, which I don't do anymore (Ehm, maturity!).

The best moment for me was when I was still adjusting life at Monash University Sunway when he told me over SMS (this was in 2005 guys. No WhatsApp yet!!) that he was transferring from Australia to Metropolitan College.

My immediate reaction was like, "Isn't that down the road from my campus?"

So we make it a point to eat McDonald's every Wednesday for lunch. That's like the best Wednesday of my Uni life.

Then he graduated... so no more Wednesday lunch!

Oh, sometimes we meet on weekends too. The top photo is of us during one of our regular lepak moments. We were still university students.

Even though we were on a tight budget, we would still have our main course, dessert at some place like Baskin Robbins and do an activity, like bowling! And then we would do a lot of walking around the city... like checking out hotel lobby and all. What were we thinking? hahaha!

So glad we are still best friends till today even though he lives in Singapore. (Can't bully him often now... maybe if I am in Singapore. haha)

Anyway, I shall end this post before Ken cries a river. HAHAHAHAHA. Don't cry k?


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