#19: creative juice

Just wrapped recording my latest vlog for Best Food KL YouTube. I've been eating A LOT of Nasi Lemak for this particular vlog and I am so glad that it's done. Usually I eat Nasi Lemak once a week, but had to break that rule for this VLOG.

The editing process begins.

I am very much a rookie vlogger/YouTuber, so I am still learning about getting good shots, speaking confidently in front of my Canon camera *it's TOUGH!!* and just putting all that into a short YouTube video.

Now... I am still in learning mode. My videos are still not up there yet. As much as I put pressure on myself to produce beautiful videos, I have to realise that this is still a learning curve for me. Heck, I am still shy to take out my camera and talk to it in public. Some might think, "Gila ke budak ni!".

So far I am loving my YouTube journey.

I think this will be my last vlog for the year, before I produce more for 2017! Still learning and improving!

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