#7: roadtrip to melaka

First of all, I should make it a point to include a photo in EVERY post. However, I didn't snap any photos during my short road trip to Melaka today.

I went to Melaka with my family to visit someone and just to check out stuff at the kampung. How can I say 'No' to my mum when she has been talking about visiting her relatives in Melaka this whole week. Luckily, my fave cousin tagged along as well... so the road trip was not so boring.

Seriously, it was a SHORT trip. Within two hours, we were ready to go back to KL.

I didn't know there would be heavy traffic from the KLIA exit to Shah Alam.

I don't mind the stagnant traffic. I was just scared about my petrol. There were only 3 bars left! If my brother followed on this trip, he would just say "Alaaaa boleh pergi jauh lagi. Jangan risau."

I izzz sangat risau. Sigh.


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