#5: coffee for one

I had breakfast at Rotiboy this morning -- ALONE!. I took two sandwiches and went to the counter to order my coffee.

On the board it said the coffee is priced at RM3++ but it was RM6++ on the register machine.

"Oh, it must some special coffee. Starbucks pun RM12++ for a cuppa kot. Takkan coffee RM3 kat Rotiboy!"

She left and went to prepare my coffee. I was expecting some "special coffee". Cappuccino maybe? Flat white?

Not quite. She came back with two cups of coffee.

I wanted to dine-in, so now I have to pretend that the second coffee is for my invisible friend. I looked like a loser. I finished one cup at the cafe and the other one in the car on the way home.

I am gonna be an owl tonight.


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