#3: life's little surprises

First of all, this is a feat. Third consecutive day of blogging. This is an accomplishment.

Anyway, just like any Mondays, the blues kicked in real bad. As I was taking a break from work, I received a WhatsApp from my brother/friend Raz. It has been ages since we communicated (more like a month, dramatic me!) so it's kinda cool to receive a message from him. He is one of the few friends that I have that truly make the effort. Even if we don't get to meet, he'll message me asking me how I am doing.

We should appreciate these kind of friends. Not everybody makes the effort anymore. I mean, there's social media and we get to know each other's updates - but it's different when it's more personal.

PS: I'm sick. I've been drinking a lot of iced water/beverages these past few days. It does not help that I  was just recovering from sore throat/cough last week. Now - I'm SICK again. I'm not gonna go to the doctor, otherwise he'll give me this weird stare like "You're. sick. AGAIN?!?!"


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