#11: personal training

So I've been hitting the gym a few times. To say regularly would be a total lie, so let's keep it as "a few times" here. I do the basics like treadmill and stationary bike. Sometimes I use the weights and stuff. The thing is, it's all stuff that I learned from watching YouTube videos and fitness websites. I often doubt myself if I am doing it right. So far I've not injured myself. *grateful*

A few days back, I hired a personal trainer. Let's keep his identity a secret on this blog for now - cuz he is a celebrity and has graced a regional television channel. *kelas tak hire a celebrity personal trainer? hehe*

For now it's a one off session just for me to learn the basics. I can't afford to hire him on a full time basis just yet. 

Anywayyy... my trainer is nice but he really pushed me right from the beginning. When I run of the treadmill, my maximum would just be 5 or 6. My trainer pushed me to level 10. TEN! SEPULUH!!!

I was a runner for my school so I could handle it but after that, I was just dead. He asked me to do side planks... I told him I needed some rest. Luckily he was kind enough to just let me rest before we did some weights exercises and squats.

So I got some tips and advise on my diet as well. It won't be a TOTAL diet makeover, due to Best Food KL. I need to eat, k?

I need to share my food diary but I promise him I'll be as honest as I can. Now I'm afraid. Did I eat ALL that? #sigh


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