Monday, July 24, 2017

#95: seriously broke

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Getting our salary early for Raya last month may not be a good idea after all!

By the time I bought my clothes and other stuff, I'm left with a very tight budget these past few weeks. I repeat: WEEKS! Not even days... but weeks.

My budget was just "cukup cukup" that I have to think twice if I want to indulge on some stuff.

"I do not need this... ok... no need to buy"
"Let's just have something simple for dinner tonight"
"I do not need Starbucks. I'm fine without my Hot Chocolate"

*Good job, Syaf!!!!!*

Plus August is an important month as I have to pay for my for my car's road tax and insurance. So yeah... I've been saving up some money for that. Knowing that in mind, I still had a shopping spree for Raya. *sigh*

It's kinda embarrassing for me to share such personal story here, but hey - I'm sure some of you can relate to this.

This past few weeks have taught me not to waste money on stuff that I do not need, and that living with a budget is not bad after all.

But you know what... salary day is tomorrow and I definitely deserve a treat or two tomorrow. Mak deserves a treat at some nice restaurant too. Haha!

I promise I'll be more careful with my money AFTER this.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

#94: weekend gratitude

When there's nothing else to write... start a gratitude list.

1. Grateful that my diarrhoea is over. When it was solid thingi that came out (TMI - I know!!!!), I was like, "NO MORE DIARRHOEAAA!!"

2. Finally had Hj Samuri satay. I didn't take the MRT ride all the way to Kajang. I went to their outlet at MRR2. So it was family bonding time with Mak, my bro, SIL and baby Arya.

3. What else am I grateful for? Just a better health as compared to Friday. Really.

Goodness me, I need to improve my gratitude list!

What are you grateful for?

#93: tough love