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#128: what you didn't see

I had fun filming and editing this vlog at the new McDonald's KLCC.

Few things happened.
1. No filming! I was asked by the Suria KLCC guard to stop filming.

"Photos okay, videos cannot..."

Ok, fine.

2. Milo on the floor As I picked the tray to go to my table, my Large Iced Milo went off balance and dropped on the floor. My jaw immediately dropped and expecting a splash of Iced Milo on the floor. Thankfully the lid kept everything intact. I wanted to pick up the drink but the manager quickly came to me, took the drink and asked the staff for a replacement.

"Maaf..." I said in embarassment.

3. Mum the camerawoman Asked mum for help to help hold the camera as I was driving to KLCC.

"Tekan mana..."

Hehehe... I think she did a great job.

So yeah... that happened during the filming of this vlog. I hope you enjoy this vlog as much as I've enjoyed putting it together with my limited visuals.

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