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#143: farewell and thank you, my first car

Feeling overwhelmed that my first car has been sold. Today was the day we did the legal stuff - inspection at Puspakom, change name on the grant and handover to the new owner.

Got the car when I was 17. Nothing like one of those MTV Sweet Sixteen episode. Partly, Mak purchased it for me to go to university. Practical reasons, really.

It has taken me to places and been with me throughout my late teens and 20s - university, graduation, jobs, job-hopping, hangouts with Mak, hangouts with friends.

Only twice did this car failed me on the road - one was due to over-heating and the other, it suddenly stopped due to battery problem.

As I could afford to purchase a car of my own, I slowly neglected this car (as we decided to still keep it).

The new car is bigger, spacious, faster and as the months gone by, I seldom drive this first car. It’s just parked at the parking.

Finally, we found a buyer and it’s time to let you go.

Felt overwhelmed when we did the inspection this morning.

Clean up th…

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