Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#108: social media experiment

A few years ago, I LOVE social media. But now I feel like a total looser looking at other people's OOTD photos, their travels to some of the best locations and just their food flatlay is on point (something I have not mastered).

For a couple of months (or years) I've stepped away from posting personal stuff... instead focusing solely on BFKL.

But for now, I am ready to do a social media experiment... which is to post personal stuff on a regular basis. I've come to love Instagram Stories - a way for me record bits and pieces from my day.

I have been doing it regularly since Saturday - posting random stuff.

I play to do this for two weeks or so. I don't know what I will achieve. Or maybe that should not be focus. Even if I will not achieve anything, at least I have a record of how my day went.

Here's some snippets from today's Insta Stories.



Tuesday, September 12, 2017

#107: this is love... really!

Sometimes my niece wants me to carry her. Sometimes she doesn't. 

On days that she want... I'll make sure that I can put her to sleep. 

Check this out: 



Achievement unlocked. 

Now excuse me while I go to Toys 'R Us to buy her more toys. 


Friday, September 8, 2017

#106: can we not be friends?

For the past few weeks or so, as I scroll my timeline on Facebook, I began to ask myself, "Why am I seeing posts from people that I personally do not know?"

Oh right... years ago I would accept requests from random strangers. *Remember... adding people was the IN thing then? Malaysians generally have the most number of "friends" as compared to our friends from the West*

But you know what? Social Media isn't what it used to be. You can see haters and keyboard warriors just ruin it.

I am also at a stage where I prefer to share my personal life (especially on Facebook) with people I actually know. Don't get me wrong, some social media friends have become real-life friends. Even if we have not met in person, but there's some sort of trust because we see and comment on each other's posts.

I am talking about these few silent stalkers. They're on your timelime but you do not interact with each other's content.

Plus I just feel Facebook is reserved for those selected few. If I want to share something public, Instagram is it.

So with that... it's time to click Unfriend.