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#114: 100,000 channel views

Every single milestone should be celebrated.

Today I am celebrating my YouTube channel's 100,000 views.

Let's be real. This number SOOOO SMALL as compared to other famous YOUTUBERS out there. I mean, their numbers are in the millions and billions.

But I am still celebrating this milestone.

I am still new. My videos are not on point yet. I do not vlog regularly. I do not have a publishing schedule. I do not have a "BKL" community just yet.

So with all that... 100,000 is still not bad k?

I remember when this number used to be in the hundreds... like 300 or something. Then, I was aiming to reach the thousands.

And now... October 2017... it's 100,000!!!!

Give me a few minutes to celebrate this.


Ok, ok... I'm back to reality.

Let me issue a statement here. *chewah*

LET'S NOW AIM FOR THE 1 MILLION CHANNEL VIEWS MARK. I do not know how long that will take. Or if I ever will achieve that huge aim.

Remember, whatever the future hol…

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